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RecoveryPlus Workplace When, what: the agenda Welcome!In response to demand, the 4th Recovery Plus conference on how to help people recover from addictive substances and behaviours is dedicated to both experts (hello again!) and those who increasingly often in the course of their work come face to face with people who have alcohol and drug problems, but who are not specifically trained to handle them. It is hugely rewarding to witness experts and those thirsting for knowledge meet up with each other and forge long-term professional relationships which are mutually supportive. OPTIONAL ‘OPEN’ 12-STEP MEETING For people in recovery and professionals and carers who want to witness how it works. WELCOME, THANKS Recovery from addiction is possible, and this day explains how you can accomplish it ADDICTION AND RECOVERY IN THE WORKPLACE – Deirdre Boyd Employer investment in addiction treatment can be recouped 12:1, and other benefi ts, as well as cost of doing nothing. UNDERSTAND THE ADDICTED EMPLOYEE: NEUROSCIENCE – Why can’t valuable employees stop addictive behaviours even when they want to? The neurobiology of addiction. FAMILY MEMBERS: IMPACT ON PRODUCTIVITY, ON COLLEAGUES – Rokelle Lerner The hidden hurt: discover if troubled employees are negatively impacted by an addict in the family. It’s quick to solve. BREAK – have a coff ee/tea, visit exhibitors to see what they can off er, enter free raffl e for diamond ring THE HIDDEN ADDICTION: PRESCRIBED DRUGS – Caroline Montagu / the Countess of Sandwich How to identify the signs and assist employees whose source of problems might not be obvious. LINKING SOLUTIONS TO LIFE / EXECUTIVE COACHES – Camilla Crichton-Stewart Coaches already have the skills to help people with drug & alcohol problems; today will show how to apply them. FROM STRESS AND ADDICTION TO WELLBEING – Shahroo Izadi Techniques which can be evidenced to help diffi cult addicts are highly eff ective in motivating others to enhance their lives. LUNCH – in the Reading & Writing Room, One Whitehall Place, overlooking the Thames and London Eye WORK, PREGNANCY, SUBSTANCE USE, MENTAL HEALTH: SIMPLIFY THE COMPLEXs – Valerie Kading Health and safety during pregnancy and on return to work – a guide to women with mental health and substance issues. WORKPLACE ALCOHOL AND DRUG TESTING – George Powell How to customise testing for your organisation’s specifi c requirements and budget. KNOW YOUR LEGAL POSITION – A solicitor with over 30 years’ experience in alcohol and the law looks at unfair dismissal, legal issues in pre-employment screening, the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998, professional discipline issues, insurance and more. . BREAK – have a coff ee/tea, visit exhibitors, announcing raffl e winners WHAT TREATMENT AND RECOVERY OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE? – Diff erent diagnoses and personalities require diff erent treatments. There are also diff erent choices for diff erent budgets. BEST-PRACTICE DRUG AND ALCOHOL POLICIES – Your day has led up to this: how to best safeguard organisations and employees, and where the experts fi t in. ROUNDUP, QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Head and shoulder massages (free) by Karrim Rahman. Due to life, changes might occur – updates at 8.00am-9.00am 9.15am 9.30am 10.00am 10.30am 11.00am 11.30am 12.00 noon 12.30pm 1.00pm 2.00pm 2.30pm 3.00pm 3.30pm 3.50pm 4.45pm 5.05-5.35pm Throughout the day Recovery plus: preliminary programme Thank you to sponsors (shown on right), who are

RecoveryPlus Workplace
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